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Stories inspired by real people and real places




I’ve always loved words and books and reading.

In fact, I was the child who got excited when the teacher said it was time for uninterrupted, silent reading time.

I was the teen who spent all her spare cash on buying books, and every spare minute she had reading them.

I’m the adult whose ‘to-read’ pile continues to grow faster than the rate at which I can read them.

I’m the exasperating wife who continues to buy books, despite running out of bookshelves.

I’m the annoying mother who ‘nags’ (or as I call it, strongly encourages) her teenagers to read a book instead of playing on their electronic devices.

And now I’m the grown-up who has realised her childhood dream to be a ‘writer of books’.

I’m so glad you’ve found me. I look forward to sharing my author travels with you.